Five Best Places to Eat in Madison, WI

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Madison, WI, has plenty of great places to eat, so the problem isn’t finding one as much as it is narrowing down the choices. If you’re looking for good food for a date or a night out with the family, check out one of these options. You may find the perfect one. These are our votes for the five best places to eat in Madison.

1. The Old Fashioned

If you want to sample true Wisconsin-style food, then The Old Fashioned is the place to go. This burger place pays tribute to the culinary styles and spirit of the Wisconsin people. Besides being atmospheric, the food is also amazing. It’s easy to make the claim that the Old Fashioned’s house burger is the best burger in all of Madison. Their selection of Wisconsin beers is extensive, so don’t forget to sample some of it!

2. Nostrano

This Italian menu is designed to match a specific taste – that of owner Tim Dahl. He likes to cook what he likes to eat, and so the menu is filled with exotic choices such as pappardelle, pancetta, tagliatelle, guinea hen, and gazpacho. Pizza or chicken alfredo is nowhere to be found, but everything in the menu is delicious. If you like to be adventurous and try new things, pay a visit to Nostrano.

3. Bunky’s Cafe

For those with gluten allergies or vegan diets, Bunky’s is the place to go to get great food you know you can eat! Just ask your server about available gluten-free and vegan entrees and desserts. For less restricted eaters, you can find deli options like soups and salads right alongside entrees like chicken bolognaise and penne gorgonzola. The prices are decent, the atmosphere is friendly, and the food is delicious.

4. Babcock Hall Dairy Store

No city is complete without a great place to get ice cream, and Babcock Hall is Madison’s. While they do serve sandwiches, soups, and cheeses, their specialty is their ice cream. They constantly offer new and exciting flavors that taste so good you won’t need to cover them in toppings to fulfill your sweet tooth. Try one of their super premium flavors, such as badger blast, raspberry swirl, and chocolate turtle.

5. The Nitty Gritty Restaurant and Bar

If you’re celebrating a birthday in Madison, there is no better place to go than the Nitty Gritty. Adults and children alike you’ll get a balloon, a mug, and unlimited free soda or beer. Their specialty burgers are consistently delicious, so you know that every time you go back you’ll get the same great quality of food. They’re also known for their great happy hour specials, so keep an eye out for this place!

Obviously this is only the tip of the iceberg. Madison has many other great places to get food and drinks of all kinds. If you want the best of the best, though, these five will be your best bet. Their customers are consistently wowed by the food and the service. You won’t be disappointed.


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