10 Quick Ways to Redesign Your Bathroom

If you’re on a budget or don’t have a lot of time on your hands, here are ten quick ways to redesign your bathroom.

# 1 – The Power of Paint…or Wallpaper

Consider doing a quick overhaul with a humidity-resistant wallpaper, or a new coat of paint. A complete paint job on a bathroom can be accomplished in just two days.

#2 – Greenery – A Change of Scenery

Plants can add oxygen and life to a bathroom, and make the atmosphere much more pleasant – literally and figuratively. Choose plants that thrive in humidity.

#3 – Don’t Ignore Vanities

A stunning, contrasting coat of paint on the vanity in your bathroom can make an impact when you first walk into the room. While you’re at it, replace the handles and knobs, too – it will give the bathroom a whole new look.

#4 – Tub and Shower Liners

If your tub and shower are looking grungy, a quick fix is to have a tub or shower liner fitted over it. They are easily installed and last a few years, and give your bathroom new life.

#5 – A New Toilet

A new toilet can be installed in just a couple of hours by a certified plumber – or you can do it yourself in less than half a day. Just don’t try to move it to a new spot…that’s a major overhaul.

#6 – Quick Flooring

Pick up some sheet vinyl at the hardware store, and lay out a new floor for your bathroom. It’s quick and easy to do – just make sure you get the measurements down before you buy.

#7 – Consider Wainscoting

Wainscoting is easy to put up if you’re not interested in doing a full paint job or wallpapering job. Many hardware stores offer vinyl wainscoting at reasonable prices.

#8 – Go Prefabricated with your Showers and Tubs

If you feel your shower and/or tub has got to go, and will not do with just a liner, go for a prefabricated shower or tub.

#9 – Lighting Tricks

Have an electrician install new lighting fixtures, or change the types of bulbs you use to either brighten the room or give it a softer touch.

#10 – Get New Accessories

Don’t neglect the accessories – a new shower curtain, new towel racks, soap dispensers, toilet paper holders, and door knobs can be quick, inexpensive ways to fix up a bathroom.

Though these are not permanent fixes, they will last for a couple of years and give your bathroom a fresh look.

About The Author: Kevin Hughes is a Boise Idaho real estate agent servicing buyers and sellers in Idaho. If you’re looking for a great home in Idaho, you can visit Kevin’s website where you can search great cities like Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and Eagle.