How to Stage Apartments, Condos and Small Model Homes

How to Stage Apartments, Condos and Small Model HomesWhen a prospective homebuyer is looking at condominiums and apartments, the first thing they want to see are the model units.

They use the models to help them visualize how the condo will look with their things in it. It helps them to see the potential in the apartment, and how it could fit into their lifestyles. This is why it’s so important that these smaller sized model homes be staged properly so that they  attract buyers.

The first thing most professional home stagers, or model home interior designers, do is evaluate the target audience of the condo or apartment. They will usually stage two different units to appeal to their two main types of tenants and buyers: the masculine ones and the feminine ones. Here are a few things they keep in mind when doing this for these two groups:

1.      Masculine Models

  • One will have a masculine appeal to it for the men, bachelors, single fathers of boys, etc…
  • Usually darker, stronger colors, such as black and red with deeper patterns.
  • “Manly” styles, such as landscaping, boating or golfing scenes.

2.      Feminine Models

  • One will be staged with a more feminine side for women, young ladies, single mothers, etc…
  • Usually decorated in lighter color tones, like lime green with flowers.
  • Includes more fashionable accessories, plants, flowers, etc…

During the development of the property, professional stagers work with the developers to decide which units will be the models. They do this by looking at the mix of people that will likely lease or purchase the units. As the units become occupied, the model units may be moved to an area that isn’t filling up as quickly. It’s really interesting to see how they incorporate the amenities of the surrounding neighborhood into their marketing scheme and condo unit staging, as well.

A full service staging firm will work wonders with new property developments. By getting into the mix during the beginning phases, stagers are able to transform the entire property into a staged scene without major changes. That’s because these designers are experts at staging the properties’ managing offices, pool areas and fitness centers. They are just as amazing at staging simple, boring areas like the parking lots and corridors, being sure to keep a consistent design throughout the property.

4 Expert Staging Tips

There are many creative ways to stage a home to make it a model home. But, the number one purpose for each staging decision for an apartment, condo or other small home should one thing: make the  smaller space seem larger. Here are four tips to help you with this:

  1. Color РSmaller spaces should always be painted with neutral main colors. For a more striking d̩cor, use darker, more colorful tones for the accent walls.
  2. Window Coverings – Model apartments and model condos should use drapery, as opposed to blinds. Drapes give the model home style and flair. Most staging designers use sheer draperies because they give the room an airy feeling, especially on a breezy day.
  3. Furniture – Don’t place large, bulky furniture in small model homes. To make the rooms look larger, furnish with full size beds, instead of queen. Make accent chairs focal points, as opposed to 90 inch couches. And, very importantly, never block windows with furniture, in any way. Windows make rooms look larger. Blocking them is always a huge mistake when staging a smaller home.
  4. Lighting – This is very crucial to condo staging and apartment staging. Lights make the rooms brighter. Brighter rooms appear to be larger than they are. Add a few floor and table lamps to your model apartments. Just keep in mind that you are staging a smaller home, so don’t add large lamps and light fixtures as your accent pieces.

Stage Your Small Model Homes

Property stagers are becoming more popular thanks to reality home shows. They can be beneficial to anyone with a busy life. Developers use them to help fill vacancies in their complexes. Homeowners use them to help them sell their property faster. Homebuyers appreciate their skills because they help them see the potential of the home. Real estate agents benefit from incorporating these skills into their marketing schemes in order to sell property. House staging is important to the real estate industry. Learn how to stage your model condos or stage your model apartments so that they will sell.

About the Author: Paula Henry is a Carmel Real Estate agent who represents buyers and sellers of condos and homes in Carmel Indiana.