New Spin on Design of New York City Home

New Spin on Design of New York City Home

Photo Courtesy of Zillow

Talk about a home design that boggles the mind and sets the head spinning!  Just an hour-and-a-half outside the Big Apple, you’ll find a home that is nothing if not unique.  The entire home is set on an axis – and it spins.  The beautiful dome style home was entirely built upon an electronically controlled axle.  With just the mere push of a button on the home’s remote control, the home will rotate a full 360 degrees.

Located in New Paltz, New York, the fun home turns a full rotation every five minute.  The home comes with a mind-spinning price tag to match its over-the-top design: $1.2 million.

So what do you do with a spinning home?  The owners of the home don’t change the rotation constantly (although I can think of a few kids who like to channel surf that would have a ball with this one).  The spinning feature is only employed once each season, when the home is rotated to take maximum advantage of the sun for its solar energy requirements.

This dome home is similar in design to a geodesic dome home, and was built entirely from a kit that was shipped over from France.  The kit, which is known as a Domespace kit, is the only home or structure that has been constructed of its kind so far in the U.S.  It looks somewhat like a spaceship, and features gigantic forty-foot ceilings that are centered at its axle.

The rotating dome home has a full 3000 square feet of living space.  The interior features super tall windows that gives it a spacious and airy feel.  Bamboo floors and custom stone and wood cabinetry add to the earthy look of this unique home.  One the bottom floor, there are two bedrooms and the common living areas.  Fun, spiral stairs lead to the second story, where the master bedroom, office, and balcony can be found.

Homes like this one that make use of the sun’s rays to generate power, very well may be the wave of the future.  At least the government hopes so. That’s why Uncle Sam is still offering tax credits to homeowners who install a solar energy system, or solar energy water heater, or other qualifying product.

Solar energy is clean and renewable, and a greener choice that eventually can be basically free – once you have recouped the cost of the product and installation.  The credit covers geothermal heat pumps, small wind turbines, solar energy systems, and solar water heaters, if they are used for heating water for the home.

The tax credit from the feds is thirty percent of the purchase price of the system or product, including the cost of installation.  Homeowners have until December 31, 2016 to install the system and claim their credit.  If you’ve been considering switching over to supplemental power with a solar system, now is a good time to do just that, or to start saving towards that upgrade.

To qualify, the system or product that you install must generate, at minimum, one-half of its power from the sun.  It must be a product that is certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation or other government approved agency or company.  And finally, it must be installed in your principal or secondary home.  Both new and existing constructions qualify.

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