Staging Your Home to Sell

Home-StagingGetting your home sold quickly and at the best price possible requires completing several steps. In addition to making any necessary repairs and upgrades, you also need a solid marketing plan that includes attractive photos that highlight your home’s best features.

While each of these steps may cost a bit of money upfront, there is one additional step that will cost you very little to nothing. This step is called staging your home, and whether dealing in Denver luxury condos or a modest starter home in Madision, it is an important one not to overlook.

What is Home Staging?

As the name suggests, staging a home involves setting the stage to appeal to buyers. In other words, when you stage a home, you look for ways to appeal to all of the buyer’s five senses: sight, smell, touch, hear and even taste. The more you can appeal to these five senses, the more of a positive association you will create between your home and the buyer. Ultimately, the goal is to get the buyer to envision himself living in your home and creating good memories.

How Do I Get the Buyer to Feel “At Home” in My Home?

The first step in the staging process involves making it possible for the potential buyer to feel at home in your home. If your home is filled with family photos and personal mementos, it will be difficult for the buyer to see anyone other than you living in the home. The same is true if you have rooms that are decorated in a highly-personalized manner or that are created for specific hobbies, such as a music room or a dark room set aside for photo development. If you have highly-specialized rooms, the first step in the staging process will involve changing these rooms back into bedrooms or other living space. Remember, you want the buyer to envision himself living you the home. If the home is filled with your personal belongings, the buyer will have trouble seeing anyone other than you living in the home.

How Do I Appeal to the Buyer’s Five Senses?

Clearly, the easiest way to appeal to the buyer’s five senses is to first concentrate on the sense of site. Simple things such as putting a flower vase on your dining room table and adding color with a few well-positioned throw pillows can go a long way toward brightening up the room. To appeal to the sense of hearing, you may want to consider playing music softly in the background. Scented candles are a great way to appeal to the sense of smell, or you may consider baking cookies or apple pie before the showing. With a plate of fresh cookies, you can easily appeal to the sense of taste. To address the sense of touch, make sure the home is a comfortable temperature.

In short, you want potential buyers to experience all of the comforts of home while viewing your property. Any steps you can take to make this happen will go a long way toward helping you get your home sold as quickly as possible.

About The Author – Brian Kinkade specializes in Denver Colorado luxury real estate, including Vallagio Condominiums Englewood, as Realtor for Denver-based The Home Cart.