Creating Curb Appeal Through Landscaping

Curb-AppealCreating curb appeal is one of the keys to successfully getting your home sold as quickly as possible and at a reasonable price. Through curb appeal, you can grab the attention of potential buyers while also leaving a good first-impression on anyone who drives by your home. Whether selling Washington DC real estate or a luxury home in Madison, with the help of a few simple landscaping tricks you can easily create a home that is attractive, appealing and welcoming to potential buyers.

A Well-Maintained Yard is a Happy Yard

Perhaps the most important step you can take toward creating curb appeal is to simply maintain and tidy up the landscaping that you have in place. Trimming bushes, edging the lawn, removing clutter and debris from the yard, filling in bare spots in the lawn and cutting back overgrown trees will help give your yard a well-maintained and attractive appearance. If you have bare patches in your yard, investing in seed or in sod will certainly be a worthwhile investment.

Add Interest to the Property

In addition to properly maintaining your yard and landscape, you can also add to your property’s curb appeal by adding interest to the property. There are many simple ways to go about doing this. Some of these include:
– Install accent lighting
– Add a large shade tree or an ornamental tree
– Create a rock garden
– Install flower beds along the driveway or along the sides of the house
– Build a deck, patio or balcony

Each of these options can be completed at a relatively low cost, but they will go a long way toward making your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Don’t Forget the Color

When looking for ways to add a bit of pizzazz to your landscape, don’t forget to look for ways to add color to your yard. If you installed flower beds, planting some annuals or perennials will serve as an excellent way to add color to your landscape. Typically, annuals are less costly than perennials and they bloom for a longer period of time. Perennials, on the other hand, come back each year. Therefore, some buyers may prefer a home with perennials. Consider the type of landscaping found in your neighborhood when determining which is best for your property. If you choose to plant perennials, be sure to select those that are hardy to your area. Otherwise, they will not survive until the following year.

If you have not installed flower beds, you can still add color with the help of a few flower pots. Flower pots filled with annuals can be a nice touch along the driveway, on the deck and at the entryway. Even better, once the home is sold, you can take these flowers with you to your new home!

About The Author – Kevin Koitz is a Washington DC native and specializes in luxury condos, including Lionsgate Bethesda Condos, as a real estate agent with the Maryland-based Koitz Group.