Leaving For The Holidays? Follow These Tips To Protect Your Home

3D burglarIf you’re going on vacation, even for a couple of days, it can be a good idea to follow some tips to ensure your home is the way you left it when you get back.

We should all take some precautions before heading out on a trip, even if you live in a friendly neighborhood, because unfortunately anything is possible, no matter where you live.

Let Your Neighbors Know

A few days before you leave, it can be a good idea to tell some of your neighbours you will be gone, and how long you will be away for. This will ensure there are some eyes on your house while you are away, and it can also help you to relax while you’re gone. You can never be too careful, and while you’re away you should definitely pick up your neighbors a gift.

Make A List And Check It Off

The day before you leave, you’ll want to do a walk through the house to check windows, doors, etc. I have a checklist I use so I remember all of the things I need to remember and you should put together your own checklist too. Setting up timers, turning off the stove, and making sure that the garage door is locked are just some of the things I have on my list. And being able to look at it while I’m away takes a load off of my mind because I am not left wondering if I did something or not.

Get Timer Lights

Leaving lights on, or having them on a timer, is a good deterrent for potential break-ins. People that are searching for easy homes to break into keep a watchful eye on houses to find out if anyone is home. Lights turning on and off will convince them there is some activity in the home, and they will hopefully leave. Anything you can do to make it appear as if someone is home, is a great idea.

Ask Friends/Family To Check In Periodically

You should have a friend or family member visit the house from time to time. They can pick-up your mail, bring in newspapers from the front porch, and make sure the house is all right. Having someone go by the house will make you feel better too when you are far away.

Don’t Forget Sparky!

If you are leaving pets behind, make the proper arrangements well in advance. You may have someone come by the house, but be sure to check up with them regularly to ensure everything is fine. Write up a list of certain things you want them to know such as feeding instructions, exercise directions, and even the number of your Veterinarian because it’s better for them to have it handy just in case. When you are away give them a call, just in case they forgot to drop by.

Leaving your home may be a stressful experience, but the tips above should help you to relax. If you go away often, it can be smart to have a routine so you will be sure to not forget anything. If you want to go a step further, you can also call your local Police department to let them know of your absence so they can send a patrol car by once in a while.

Article provided by Mitch Ribak a Melbourne FL Realtor. For more information about Mitch and his Brevardy County FL real estate brokerage, you can visit his website at http://www.melbournehomesearch.com/.