Decorating Your Home with Photographs

Using Photos On Your HouseThanks to iPhones and other smart phones nearly everyone now has a camera app in their pocket. While the advent of digital technology and the Internet has resulted in more photos being shared between friends via social networking sites and online photo services, this has done nothing to stop the flow of photographs into the home, where they can be used to great effect to personalize, beautify and accentuate your interior décor.

Most families have photos in their home, but they tend to accumulate those photos in a piecemeal fashion over the course of years, rather than all at once with a particular design vision in mind. Rather than a few random framed shots or a family portrait perched on the mantle, photographs are at their best when organized into decorative displays.

So while close up shots can be fun to look at, for a display try to choose pictures that say something about your life, your interests, and your history. The most intriguing photos are the ones that capture a specific moment in time. And a grouping of photos works best when they tell some kind of story. Save the kids’ sport team photos or snapshots of your old pet for your bedroom or other less public areas of the house. In the public areas, consider these photographic decorative displays an invitation to learn more about your family as a whole.

Choose frames that complement the décor of the room and be creative with the display. Instead of just hanging them on the wall, consider putting up cube shelves and place the photos on and in the shapes. Some people make one large collage out of many photos and display it as a kind of pop art piece. Or you can use a software program for photography to add some special effects, turning a color photo into a black and white or sepia-toned print, or combining two photos into one for a more streamlined story effect.

Making the story effect tangible doesn’t have to be difficult. Décor expert Brian Patrick Flynn recently told the San Francisco Chronicle that using a hallway to tell the story of a family is both decorative and personal, and can be made beautiful by just a touch of forethought. He suggests selecting a few dozen photos that span your life, making the display more visually interesting by selecting frames of different heights, styles, and materials “Those varying textures and shapes and finishes will tell a story that accentuates those beautiful images,” Flynn explains.

The best thing about decorating your home with photography is that the look is as changeable as your whims may dictate. Swap out frames, swap out photos, or even tinker with the decorative displays across the seasons to change up the look and keep it fresh. You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to photography, making it the perfect complement to the best in modern and contemporary décor.

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